Voodoo SPELLS Trouble For Lee County Florida Public Corruption Judge Sherra Winesett

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Written By: Enzo Vincenzi

Welcome to Freedom Fighter ENZO VINCENZI  Stop Public Corruption in Lee County, Florida NOW!

(Fact) U.S. Attorney A Brain Albritton stated Unfortunately, Florida is ground zero for Mortgage Fraud. In 2006 and 2007, Florida was RANKED NUMBER ONE for Mortgage Fraud in The Nation.”


(Fact) Florida is also Ranked NUMBER ONE in CROOKED POLITICANS in the Nation


(Fact) Voodoo Spells Trouble For Lee County Florida Public Corruption Judge Sherra Winesett.

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(Fact) NO Public Corrupted Officials is above GOD’s Law!

 I personally welcome you to Freedom Fighter Enzo Vincenzi Forum

 In addition to all, taking up the shield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming missiles of the EVIL ONE. EPHESIANS 6:16

All membership proceeds from this forum will assist Enzo Vincenzi to continue to lawfully seek JUSTICE and to support Enzo Vincenzi’s Fight To Stop (Fact) Out Of Control Evil Public Corruption in the 20th Circuit Judicial Court and to STOP Out Of Control PUBLIC CORRUPTION in The Lee County Sheriff Economic Crimes Unit. With your support I Enzo Vincenzi In The Name of God pledge to continue my fight to STOP Out Of Control Public Corruption in Lee County, Florida. MY FIGHT is Your Fight for JUSTICE!!! I Enzo Vincenzi have IN FACT personally delivered a loud and crystal clear LAWFULL message In The Name of God to ALL THE Public Corruption Co Conspirators and PERPERTRATORS which is (Fact) The Days of The Good Ole Boys Public Corruption Evil Demonic Networking System in Lee County, Florida is coming to an (Fact) end!!!

 Now is the time to stand up and for all the Public Corruption INJUSTICES that have IN FACT been committed by Public Corrupted Officials in Lee County, Florida.

If Lee County, Florida Residents want to continue to hold on to their Civil, State, and Federal Rights and “DUE PROCESS” Legal Rights in the 20th Circuit Judicial Court we cannot afford to become a county where because of the Power of Money in Public Corruption and CROOKED POLITICIANS in Lee County, Florida the needs of all Lee County Residents are neglected, trampled, and stampeded on before more Lee County Residents land in JAIL, Falsely Arrested, BAKER ACTED, Placed in Mental Institutions and/or commit suicide or end up in the HOSPITAL Emergency Rooms—or the morgue, because the life of GOD was squeezed out from many Lee County Residents by these Immoral Evil Demonic Spirit Public Corrupted Bastards due to there Evil Spasm of Out of Control Horrendous Outrageous GREED!!!  


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    In Addition to All, Taking Up The Shield of Faith With Which You WILL BE ABLE TO EXTINGUISH All The Flaming Missiles of The Evil One….  EPHESIANS 6:16